Press Release

"Formatting Your Press Release or "Presentation can be just as important as content."

Mixed case
Never write your press release in all UPPER CASE LETTERS. Your release will not be approved my the FPRC editors and it if did, it would be ignored by journalists.

Check your spelling
Errors in spelling and grammar will lower the credibility of your press release

Never include HTML or other markup languages (like XHTML or XML) in your press release.

Make sure it is long enough
There is a minimum of 250 words at FPRC, if your press release is shorter than that then it probably isn't newsworthy.

Email addresses
Do not include an e-mail address in the body of the release. Your e-mail address goes only in the "Contact Email" box when you submit your press release. To stop spam, your address will not appear on the site, but rather people will be able to contact you via a special contact link displayed with your press release.