9 Killer SEO Tips a Content Dominated 2013

Search Engine Optimisation or search engine optimization is the process of boosting the volume and quality of traffic to a site from SERPs. There are two parts of SEO, the on page optimization and off page optimization. Below I will to you best 10 search engine optimization hints for 2013 web marketing:

1. Quality Content

Creating a quality content is one of the most critical elements in search engine optimization. You can not get a great position if you do not have a good and first post as it is what the users are constantly looking for in the internet.

2. HTML Tags
The Name tag, Meta description tag, Picture alt tag, H1 tag and H2 tag are the most important tags for search engine optimization.

3. Article Length

Always take note of that quality is better than quantity. So never writes worthless sentences merely to raise the word count.

4. Other Search Engines

Every search engine has their own algorithm to index web pages. You have to study and research how you can optimize your site to that particular search engine so that you’ll have a chance to get indexed and listed.

5. Link Building

One of the finest off-page optimization is the link building. If this technique is one of your primary tools to get rated then you have to pay attention you to the following variables.

1. Always construct quality backlinks.
2. Never use an automated or script applications to create backlinks. Recall a quality backlinks is more useful than 100 poor backlinks.
3. Create both no-follow and do-follow back links.
4. Do not use any junk method to create backlinks because Google despise this method as it is against their rules and regulations.

The following are the trick you can make use to create a strong and quality back links:

1. Guest Posting
2. Forum Posting
3. Site Commenting
4. Web Directories Entry
5. Post Entry

6. Do not buy Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a great place to make money and also buy services for just $5. As a marketer, Fiverr is a very bad idea because more than 95% search engine optimization associated gigs are imitation gigs.

7. Keyword Research

Keyword research determines you success online. You have to meticulously choose keywords that are popular and simple to rank for. You can take advantage of the Google Adword key word Tool to choose the best keywords for you.

8. Keyword Placement

As you have picked you main keywords for your site then you have to place your main keywords in the right locations in the post to get listing in Google.

1. You must add your primary keywords to title tag.
2. You must include your main keywords to Meta description tag.
3. You must include your main keywords to post URL.

9. Add Sitemap to Your Blog

You must add a sitemap for your blog. If your blogging platform is WordPress, use a plugin such as Google XML Sitemaps to create a sitemap.

Article source: hashtagseo