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Local SEO Factors of 2015


According to Local Search Ranking factor survey there is a shift towards more traditional web ranking factors. The onsite signals and links will be the important factors that drive local SEO. The Shift can be considered as consistent with Google recent local ranking algorithm Pigeon. Everything you do for the local SEO, i.e. both on and off your site, should be aimed towards making user experience wonderful instead of just putting your efforts to gain higher ranking on the search engine results.

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Therefore the important factors that will run local SEO in 2015 are:
  • To be awesome
  • Earn relevant links
What does awesome refer
The awesome here means that instead of making Google fool, you should try to put efforts in making your website better from every angle.

Find out the features that your competitors websites has and your site don’t have. Use this collective data for adding features to your website.

Below are some of the things which you should avoid if you want to make your website awesome

  • Less Homepage content- Your visitors should know what you are and if your website has only banner and a few lines of content then it will present a bad image of your website. Therefore always avoid this.
  • Only few lines of content on page- The customer will only visit your website if there is relevant information which they are searching. If you just put a few lines and ask them to call for information. Then the chances are that it will only increase bounce rate and nobody will shop from your website.
  • Spamming keywords- Most of the websites use this outdated tactic to rank well. For e.g. putting a list of 100 cities on your home page will lead nowhere. Instead try to put relevant, useful and informative content.
  •  Using long title tags- The title tag should be as brief as possible and it should be such that it gives the summary of the page. You can put your primary keyword phrase at the starting and your business name at the end.
Put efforts for local optimization:
  • Don’t forget to include city/state in your title tag- The title tag plays an important role in optimization of your website. Therefore include city or state for local relevancy.
  • Don’t forget to include city/state in your H1 heading- for showing local relevancy you should include city/state in your page heading
  • Put city/State in your content- Many website owners forget to include city/state in the website content. Therefore local search will be of no use unless you mention local area in the content.
  • Put city/State in your alt text on images- Google can’t see what your image is all about therefore adding alt text with city/State will boost up your local SEO.
  • Put city/State in your url- if you want to make your website for local results then never forget to mention city/State in the URL. This will make easy for Google and the customers to find the relevant results.
Therefore these are the main points you should follow to make your
 website better. Stop thinking of how to increase your ranking and think of making it the most unique and awesome website with all the features. In this way your website automatically rank better and you visitors will convert into potential customers.

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4 On-Page SEO Techniques To Help Boost Your Rankings

Are you a small online business owner that is looking at improving your rankings on the search engines? If not you should be because the most effecient way to grow your business online is through search engine optimization. There are two ways you will want to optimize your website for the search engines and those are “off-page SEO” and “on-page SEO”. Off-page SEO consists of things like link building, guest blogging, etc. This is very important when trying to rank on the search engines however, for this blog we are going to concentrate on on-site search engine optimization. So what are some onsite SEO techniques you can use to boost your rankings? Well, our Phoenix SEO company came up with 4 techniques that we believe you should concentrate on when you are attempting to optimize your website for SEO.

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If you have done any type of SEO before did you really think that something would come before content? Content truly is king when it comes to SEO and it is not going to be losing it’s thrown on top anytime soon. There are certain factors that make up good content and will help you rank better. Your content must be original. If you think that the search engines are going to rank you because you are able to copy content from another website you are crazy. I know it takes time to produce original content for your website but this is a must. You must make sure that you are not allowing someone else to post your content on their website first or the search engines will view it as their content. Make sure that you post the content on your website first. Your content has to be useful and relevant. The search engines are trying to make it so that when somebody searches a keyword only the most relevant websites pull up. Last but not least is the frequency at which you post your content. You can’t write a bunch of content one month and then not post new updated content for a year. This will end up hurting you in the rankings. One way to make sure you continuously update your content is by having a blog on your website.

Page Titles and Descriptions 

When the search engine bots are crawling your page one of the first thing they read is the page titles and descriptions. They do this because they need to know what your website is about. This will help them begin to classify where your website will fall in the rankings and for what keywords. The page titles are what is going to help not only the search engines but also the user know what page they are on and what it is about. That is why each page title must be unique. The description is what a user is going see on the search engines when they find your website so this must be very descriptive.

URL Structure 

This is basic on page optimization and yet there are many websites that miss this. What do I mean when I am talkinga bout URL structure. Well I am talking about the permalinks. You want to setup the permalinks so that they make sense. You don’t want a web link like this It should be for example. How is your content grouped? It should be grouped into categories to help the search engines and users find different pages on your website. Don’t forget your pages sitemap. This is very important.

Internal Linking

Make sure that you are linking pages within your website. This is important because it help the search engine bots crawl your pages more effectively. If done correctly this will tell the search engines which pages on your website are most important and which ones are least important.
These are 4 ways that you can effectively optimize your website for the search engines. Off page SEO is extremely important but it can all go for not if you don’t properly optimize your on page seo.

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